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The REEM (Robotics Event)

Event Place : Navi Mumbai (India)

Dates : 30th Oct to 2nd Nov 2018


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Our Clients

Benefits of partnering with Eka Trainings


Every College or university today is focusing on the development of their students; they aim at producing quality Engineers to nail the interviews conducted within the campus or off campus. We at Eka be the partners of colleges and universities and help to deliver high quality Engineers through our training programs.

Internship/ Industrial Visits

Internships and Industrial Visits have become very important as they provide high value to the candidate’s resumes and experience before getting a job. Our training modules include both theses aspects so the student transform and becomes a candidate. As companies don’t prefer students but candidates

Job Opportunities

At Eka we value our students and we know the aim to all the efforts that the students take during placements for the best preparations during their interviews; we thus offer placement opportunities along with any training packages the student takes. We offer both on campus and off campus placements.

Our Courses

The Work Apprenticeship Program (WAP)

The Courses are designed to provide industrial Trainings. You may like it or not but the company hires you only if you are skilled as per their requirements. In short, your professional success will depend if you meet the company’s requirements.

The Hybrid Training Module (HTM)

This is the foundation of your personality. The course is a package that will provide you all the basic and important aspects that one would require to gain complete knowledge.

It includes: trainings, Internships, Industrial visits, Guest lectures, Certifications and placement opportunities at the lowest price.

The Stepping Stone (STP):

A combination of Aptitude and soft skills trainings as both theses aspects become the deciding factor during interview.

Why Choose Us

1. Our Courses are designed keeping in mind two very important segments.

A. Do you need it?

B. Does it fit your pocket size?

We strongly believe if you don’t need something then why have it. And if you need something but can’t afford it, why would you think of having it.Thus we are affordable and yes we offer what you need.

2. We are your guide and give you services even after the training ends. We offer practice sessions and assessments to keep the practice going on.

3. Our Training modules add values to your resumes. Our training programs does make a difference in your overall, if not we promise to return your fees.

Our Students Says

  • The training program was very good, it was very helpful to do good with our soft skill & I am really glad that I got chance to be a part of this training program. And now I am enough confidants to speak with anyone in English Thank you Trainers !!!!!

    Yogita V Rathi
  • My confidence level has been raised so that I can talk with anyone confidently. After this training I can see many changes in myself regarding my confidence level pronunciation and the way of speaking correct English in correct way.

    Manish Methani
  • Being the part of soft skill session was one of the most awesome experience of my life. Teachers like Sylvia Mam is damn expert in her fields and she knows it pretty well, how to deal with students, moreover she treats their students like her kids and is friendly.

    Kunal Agrawal

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